Jews for Allah mission statement

May the peace of Allah be upon you ,  
I have a question . Ever heard of the group Jews for Jesus ?  This is a Christian missionary group that seeks to convert the Jews to Christianity .

Jews for Jesus has been very successful ,  they've nearly 300,000 members worldwide ! That's impressive numbers considering there are only 16 million Jews on this planet.

If Christians are able to get Jews to believe in something that essentially amounts to Polytheism , why not then , Muslims invite Jews to advanced level Monotheism ?!?! I would think a Jew would pick a Monotheist religion over a tritheist one any day !

Therefore, Jews for Allah

To some the idea of a Jew being a Muslim seems to be a contradiction.

Many people have a dichotomy in their minds.

On the one hand, you have Jews and Judaism
and on the other hand, Muslims and Islam.

You are either one or the other... so they think.

In reality there is nothing more Jewish than becoming a Muslim.

For a Jew to become a Muslim is for him to turn to the
Elohim (Lord) of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and King David.

Join our effort to re-unite the children of Abraham !

Battle for Jewish souls

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