Myth: Muslims Helped the Nazis

From Bernard Lewis to Maurice Pearlman, Israeli history revisionists label Muslims as Nazi supporters based on a lone Jerusalem Mufti's (Haj Amin) acceptance of an invitation by Germany's President; Adolph Hitler.

These are intelligent Jewish scholars, so there can be no other conclusion than that these Zionists are purposely ignoring historical facts such as the Palestine Regiment, a unit in which Jews and Muslims fought side-by-side against Hitler's Nazis.

To ignore such a historic event of unity between Jews and Muslims, who fought one of the world's greatest evils, is in itself an evil act.  It is an evil effort in trying to reverse the love Jews and Muslims shared and instead, disgustingly twist it to suggest Muslims did not help Jews during the Nazi invasion.

This history revisionism is the greatest act of anti-Semitism, because both Jews and Arabs are Semitic people, and those who wish to separate them are the true anti-Semites.

It is evil to try to purposely manipulate young Jewish minds into thinking Muslims and Nazis were partners, rather than the truth, that the Jews and Muslims were partners against the Nazis.

Shame on the Zionist manipulators, you use your knowledge to make your lies sound authoritative.  In the cemeteries of El-Alamein lie the dead Muslims, the Mohammeds, the Alis and the Ismails who gave their lives so that Nazism could be defeated. The cemeteries of Stalingrad bear the names of the young Central Asian Muslims who lie buried, unable to refute the falsehoods being spread by these false historians.

The souls of the thousands of Muslims from countries and regions as diverse and Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, India, Pakistan, Palestine and other Middle Eastern nations laid down their lives in the Second World War in battles as significant as those of Stalingrad, which broke Hitler's back, and North Africa, which sent Hitler's Desert Fox, General Rommel, scurrying back to his den in Berlin!

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