State of Israel Vs. American States

Israel has been often called the 51st American State, yet it does not pay income, property, or sales taxes to America as the Americans do, in fact, just the opposite, Israelreceives more American tax dollars than the Americans do.  With the state of Israel's population of 6.5 million, they are receiving more American tax payer's federal assistance than American states with similar or a greater population:



US Federal Assistance Per Capita

Israel 6.5 million $ 1,400
Alabama 5 Million $ 1,200
Arizona 6 Million $ 1,100
California 35 Million $ 1,200
Colorado 5 Million $ 900
Florida 17 Million $ 900
Georgia 9 Million $ 1,000
Illinois 13 Million $ 1,000
Indiana 6 Million $ 1,000
Maryland 6 Million $ 1,000
Massachusetts 6.5 Million $ 1,300
Michigan 10 Million $ 1,100
Minnesota 5 Million $ 1,100
Missouri 6 Million $ 1,200
New Jersey 9 Million $ 1,200
North Carolina 8.5 Million $ 1,100
Ohio 11.5 Million $ 1,100
Pennsylvania 12 Million $ 1,200
Tennessee 6 Million $ 1,200
Texas 22 Million $ 1,000
Virginia 7 Million $ 800
Washington 6 Million $ 1,100
Wisconsin 5.5 Million

$ 1,100

We need our tax dollars for our schools, roads, medical and social services, and most of all, for our own home land security for each of our towns and cities.  Our states needs to be protected, let the Israelis raise their own taxes to pay for their own actions, don't raise our American taxes so we can give more to Israel.

There are nearly 2 million Americans who are homeless while our tax dollars are going to build homes in illegal settlements in Arab deserts, nearly 13 million children in America are starving, while we give away billions of dollars each year to Israelis who ritually throw away food at alters.  Save American lives and your tax dollars, stop throwing away money to Israel.

According to the Christian science monitor, Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. Top Jewish senators and Jewish congressmen in the US are voting to detour American tax payer's money to Israel.

Action Requested: Contact your localcongressman or senator and demand that the money you pay from your taxes is intended to fix your roads, schools, medicare, social security, and America's defense against terrorism; "instead of going to Israel, stop giving my money to Israel". 

Israel does not help us in the war against terrorism, Israel hurts us by blatantly using American weapons inviolation of AECA agreements between both countries which stipulate that Israel not use such weapons against civilian populations, enraging and inflaming the animosity in the Middle East against America, even though Israel can use Israeli weapons since Israel is the 6th largest weapons producer in the world, it consistently showcases American weapons against civilians, spreading the guilt onto America by association.

We need patriotic leaders who will keep America's money in America and care more about American lives than non-Americans!

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