Israel a Jewish State ?

    There is a Zionist facade portraying Israel as homeland to Judaism, where it's citizens and it's court systems abide to Judaic Laws "the Laws of Moses". 

    This propaganda is used to legitimize the illegal occupation of other people's land by the Israeli government, the Zionists hide behind the Bible by claiming Israel is "home of the Jews" while legalizing debauchery between the pages.

    In reality, Israel is the least Judaic state in the world, the more Zionists who immigrate to Israel, the less Judaic Israel becomes.  Zionists have forsaken the Laws of Moses while deceptively pretending to be a Jewish state.

Listed here are examples of how Israel is (not) a Jewish state;

 Abortions Legal in Israel

Capital Punishment

Divorce Legal in Israel

Homosexuality Legal in Israel

Inheritance rules

Polygamy Forbidden in Israel

Prostitution Legal in Israel

    In conclusion, Israel is a secular state which has no relations to Judaism.  In fact, if one wanted to freely practice Judaism, he or she would be legally able to in an Islamic country.  Israel which was controlled by Muslims for over 1,000 years, was more of a Judaic state than when the Zionists invaded it and turned it into a sinful Nation.


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