Is Judaism More Barbaric Than Islam ?

One of the selling points the Zionist founders of Israel used on Westerners to establish the so called Jewish state in the midst of Muslim states is "an out post of civilization in the midst of Barbarism".  Theodor Herzl (founder of Zionism) 

The Zionists referencing the Muslim death penalty laws, decapitating heads and amputating limbs, what the Westerners and Zionists over looked is the context of these Quranic laws and more so, they ignored that their Bible commands punishments far more severe and for a much wider array of acts.

Islam as in America, is restrained in it's use of death penalty, only severe crimes would invoke the Electric chair in America as in Islam. While in Judaism, Jews are ordered to barbarically kill others with stones,  whips and swords for various petty acts that any civil human would find repulsive and terroristic.

Barbarism and senseless killing is manifested at it's peak in the Jewish Bible, which consequently is not followed by the so called Jewish state, in order to avoid appearing more Monstrous than their neighbors. Here are the list of Barbaric murderous laws in the Jewish Bible which prove that Judaism is more Barbaric than Islam and that Israel was more of a Jewish state under Islam than it is under the con artist anti-religious Zionists:

what if a non-Jew got lost in the maze like streets of Jerusalem, and entered a temple to ask for directions, unaware of the savages that await him or her within.

This would explain Israelis killing previous Prophets.

in other words, killing those with mental disorders or who are haunted.

we see where the Salem witch hunters who burned women alive got their teachings from.

Israelis ordered to kill their children for talking back, is there anything more barbaric than that?

Surly a Rabbi with bad kids edited this verse.

Would Islam order someone murdered because their cattle acted up ?  Who then are the Barbarians?

again genocide against those with mental disorders.

Israelis have an entire day designated for murder, even towards those who need to work to live.



another excuse for barbaric killing by the Israelis





pardon me, I'm not hungry.....


you get killed because the plumbing in your apartment is not working ? 

In other words, the Israelis are told to kill everyone, maybe that's why they don't want international observers, they may kill them too.  For the Zionists to deceive the mass public by labeling Israel a Jewish state is in itself a crime, for Zionists to degrade and demonize Muslims as being more barbaric than the followers of Judaism is hypocrisy.



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