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Jewish and Muslim Peace Groups

Adam Institute The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace in Memory of Emil Greenzweig

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Rabbi Watch

Rabbis for Human Rights


Physicians for Human Rights-Israel

Jewish Peace Fellowship

Addamir Addamir Prisoner Support Center

The Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

DCI Defense for Children International

Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development

Amnesty International Israel Section

Public Committee Against Torture in Israel

Compassionate Listening Project

Democracy and Workers Rights Center

Gush Shalom The Israeli Peace Bloc

HaMoked Center for the Defense of the Individual

KAV LA'OVED - Worker's Hotline for the Protection of Worker's Rights

Ittijah Union of Arab Community Based Associations

Mandela Institute for Prisoners

Megido Peace Project

Movement of Democratic Women in Israel

The Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (Bassam Eid)

Palestine Human Rights Information Center 

Peace Watch

The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens' Rights

The Israel Religious Action Center For Human Equality, Social Justice, Religious Tolerance

Sikkuy The Association for the Advancement of Equal Opportunity

Seeds of Peace

Women's Organization for Political Prisoners



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