Israel: Friend or Foe?

The nation of Israel, friend or foe of America?  Actions speak louder than words;

June 8, 1967; Israeli jets attack the USS Liberty, killing 34 American soldiers.

May of 1970; Perle passing secrets to Israel during Kissinger and Nixon term

1973-2001; according to theChristian science monitor, Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. Top Jewish senators and Jewish congressmen in the US are voting to take tax payer's money to support Israel. If divided by today's US Citizens, that is more than $5,700 per person. That is more than twice the cost of the Vietnam War. Israel receives over 2 billion per year as a peace accord agreement, yet still to this day violates that agreement.

1979-1981 During the US hostage crisis in Iran, Israel was specifically asked to stop supplying Iran with weapons while Iran was holding US hostages. Israel was selling 500 million dollars per year of weapons to Iran, even after America asked Israel to stop.

October 1983; Israel deliberately allows 241 American Marines to die

1984;Israel denies U.S. Justice Department demand to extradite Marc Rich, a convicted Israeli spy against America.

August 1985, Israeli American scientist arrested for stealing 800 nuclear weapons triggers from America and sending them to Israel

November 22, 1985;  Jewish US Navy Employee Arrested as Israeli Spy

October 27, 1991; Israel enflames race tensions in America by supplying apartheid South Africa with weapons andforcing the Bush administration to waive sanctions against Israel.

March 1995; Israel Charged With Systematic Harassment of U.S. Marines

August 23 1996;CIA accuses Israeli spies of theft of U.S. corporate scientific and technological data as the type of espionage that poses the greatest threat to U.S. economic competitiveness.

September 1997;Israel, as a haven for Jewish American murderers to flee to and be holed up in, refuses toextradite the Jewish murderer of an American.

June 18, 1998; Israeli businessman convicted selling chemical and biological weapons components and know-how to Iran for $16 million.

January 28, 1999;Israel transfers laser technology to Communist China, despite American outrage

February 24, 1999; Another Jewish American murderer flees to Israel and is holed up there, after killing another American.

July 30, 1999Israeli hackers attack Pentagon

February 24, 2000;Israel again sells donated US military technology to Communist China, in the face of US outrage.

September 11, 2001; Israeli spies caught cheering and photographing the WTC as it fell.

15 March 2002; Israelignores US demand to leave Palestinian territories, damaging American credibility and making America look like a hypocrite for forcing Sadam out of Kuwait but not Sharon out of Palestine.

June 28, 2002; Israel Reports Weapons Development in Iraq, also prodded by 25 neo-conservatives, mostly Jewish,Bush went to war with Iraq, costing nearly a thousand American soldiers their lives, no weapons found.

August 28.2002;Israel Supplying Iran again: Germany holds up Israeli military shipment said headed for Iran

October 4, 2002; 9/11: WHAT DID ISRAEL KNOW? and when did they tell us?

November 17, 2003; Israel blatantly uses American weapons in violation of AECA agreements between both countries which stipulate that Israel not use such weapons in civilian territories, enraging and inflaming the animosity in the Middle East against America, even though Israel can use Israeli weapons since Israel is the 6th largest weapons producer, it consistently showcases American weapons against civilians, spreading the guilt onto America by association.

Today; Israel forces America to keep silent about Israel's nuclear weapons, again destroying America's credibility world wide and leaving America looking like a hypocrite on it's goal to end weapons of mass destruction world wide, also allowing the "unsecure" Israel to attempt to guard that nuclear stockpile from the Middle Eastern black market.

In conclusion, since the founding of Israel in 1950, no other country has cost America more lives, money, and damage to credibility than Israel.

by Mohamed Ghounem

author of200+ Ways the Quran Corrects the Bible