Was Moses or Muhammad Kinder to Jews ?

Both Prophets allowed Jews to return to Israel after being exiled by pagans.

Both Prophets protected Jews from neighboring pagans

Both Prophets devoted their final days to the enlightenment of the Jews

Although only one of these Prophets displayed tolerance, mercy, and love for the Jews, Muhammad.

Once a Jew came to him and out of mischief, greeted him by saying "As-sam Alaikum" (death to you) instead of As-salamu Alaikum (peace be on you). A'isha with anger, gave a harsh reply. But he stopped her and said, "A'isha! Donít use harsh words; be polite; God likes mildness in everything."

In short, Muhammad was a perfect model of tolerance and love which he taught through his practical example to the rugged, rough and illiterate people of the desert who, as a result, became the teachers and leaders of the world. His behavior towards people, men or women, rich or poor, adult or child, was the same. He spoke to all with civility and politeness and taught others the same through his personal example. The Qur'an mentions this quality of Muhammad in these words,

"It is by the Mercy of God that you deal gently with them, for if you were severe or fierce of heart, they would have dispersed from you." [Qur'aan 3:159]

The Jews in the days of Muhammad often attempted to assassinate him, discredit him, curse him, and defame him, all the while Prophet Muhammad showed Jews love and mercy.


While on the other hand, Jews who so much as questioned Prophet Moses, were murdered;

250 Levite princesses; of the Jews who challenged the leadership of Moses. "their wives, sons and little children were swallowed up by the ground", then sent a fire to consume the remaining princes. Num. 16:1-40

then another 14,700; Israeli protesters killed by plague who object to Moses about the prior killing of the 250 Jewish princesses. Num 16:41-49.

More of Mose's murderous cruelty towards the Jews here

More of Muhammad's love and mercy towards the Jews here

 In conclusion, Muhammad by far was the much more loving and merciful Prophet to the Jews.


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