Hebrew Quran Project Needs You

Bism Allah Al Rahman Al Raheem,

Asalamu alykum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakato, Ramadan Kareem:

On the Entire Internet, there is no Hebrew translation of Holy Quran, the Holy Quran is online in almost every language except Hebrew !

Also all over the world, a Hebrew Quran is very rare, and the only one is said to be a fake Jewish translation.

The Israeli Zionist Hebrew speaking Jews have a lot of ignorance towards Islam, help us bring the Words of Allah to them, we have started the Hebrew Quran translation online here:


The English translation of the Holy Quran has helped millions come to Islam, the Hebrew translation of the Holy Quran will also bring many to Islam insha'Allah.

With the internet we can enter the homes of all Jews in Israel without blockade and teach them Islam with a Hebrew Quran and remove their ignorance and hate towards Muslims.

Help bring the Quran into the homes of Jews in Israel and worldwide, we have had many Jews asking us for a Hebrew translation of the Holy Quran but we do not have the resources to complete one.

We only need to raise only $1,000 for our project.  That money will help translate and put the entire Hebrew Quran online and in downloadable zip and audio format so Jews all over the world can download and or listen to it for free and share it with their Jewish families and neighbors.

Every dollar helps, your contribution will help put the First ever Hebrew translation of the Quran online and makes it available for Jews world wide to read and hear a Hebrew translation of the Holy Quran.

You will also help employ the poverty stricken Palestinians who will be on the team of translators. Only $1,000 will help bring Israel closer to Islam by providing a valid Hebrew translation of the Quran for the Zionist elders who hold much influence over Israel and mainly speak Hebrew.

If 1,000 visitors gave $1 dollar each, we can accomplish this goal, each contributor will receive a Jews for Allah booklet in the mail on "How to Convert Jews"

To send your contribution, and help convert Israel to Islam, either use our Secure donation page here:

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or send a check to:

Multi National Muslim Committee (MNMC)
PO Box 3491
Newtown CT 06470 usa

Thank you

Jazak Allah Khair

Your brother in Islam: Mohamed Ghounem

Jews for Allah founder