Names and Attributes of God in the Bible and Quran

Many Jews as well as Christians claim the Bible God and the Quran God are not the same.  This has always preplexed me for the simple fact that Muslims insist they are the same God.

For example, if I say I live in Israel and show an Israeli passport, they would insist I don't live in Israel and that only they are privilaged enough to live in Israel. This selfish and exclusive attitude towards knowing God is immature.

God is Great enough for everyone to know, if Jews says they believe in the God of Abraham, Muslims agree, yet the same is denied visa versa. When Muslims say we believe in the God of Abraham, Jews call us liars..... Would the Jews and Christians prefer we worship the devil?  Rather than be greedy with God, let's all share God and accept that God loves us all.

One argument is that the Bible God and Koran God have different names, but a scholarly look into this topic would prove other wise, the Arabic speaking Jews and Christians also name God 'Allah' which simply means The Divine in English.

Furthermore, God in the Bible and Quran have identical Names and Attributes:




'The Lord is One' (Deuteronomy 6:4) 'Say: He is God, the One ' (112:1)


'above all gods' (Psalm 135:5) 'Glorify the name of your Lord the Highest'   (87:1)


'His understanding is infinite' (Psm 147:5) '...and of all things He is the Knower' (2:29)


'He who lives forever' (Isaiah 57:15)

'...God, the Eternal ' (112:2)


'He is holy' (Psalm 99:5) 'the Holy'(62:1)


'The Lord is righteous' (Psalm 11:7)

'...the Right in Guidance' (11:87)


'He loves righteousness' (Psalm 7:11) '..indeed full of mercy and love' (11:90)


'Your wrath .brings You praise' (Psalm 76:10) '...We shall exact due retribution' (32:22)


'merciful' (Psalm 145:8) 'In the Name of God, the Merciful ...' (1:1)


'The Lord is..compassionate' (Psalm 111:4 ) 'In the Name of God, ..the Compassionate..' (1:1)


'God is not man, that He should lie' Num 23:19

"...God is the Truth..." (22:6)


In conclusion, they are the same names with the same meanings, only with a different tongue, which was predicted in Isaiah 28:11

"Nay, but by men of strange lips and with an alien tongue the LORD will speak to this people"

Allah (God in Arabic) in the Quran has a total of 99 attributes, giving us a deeper and richer understanding of our Creator.


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