I was born in Morocco in the city of Tetouan,to Jewish Parents. When I was 16 years old I left home to go to a religious girls school in Washington Heights, Manhattan. The name of the school is Bet Yaakov or Breures. Two years latter I met my husband. We were wed and lived in 3 different apartments in Brooklyn N.Y. Both my husband and I were never happy in the religious Jewish communities we lived in. As time passed on we decided to try to make a future in "israel" and move there with our alhumdulilah 4 beautiful children, every one of which is special in there own :)

 When we arrived in "israel" we ended up in the Jewish settelment of Gush Qatif. we had a very hard time when we saw the kind of  "people" that lived there. I didnt like it so I asked my husband to move to Netivot which is 23km north in occupied 1948 Palestine. Again we were surprised to see the behavior of the uneducated masses there maybe 1 out of 1 million of the children there was well behaved. As we started to  move along here we started to see what a Jew is all about here. The jew hates anybody that is not a Jew. We considered this terriable selfishness.My husband and I were so against the Jews at this point.

 One day my husband came home and told me he had read the Quran and that he decided to follow Islam. I was VERY VERY shocked at this news, because in Judaism I was always taught we should hate other religions. Why? Isn't that selfish? My husband told me I could remain a Jew and the kids as well because in Islam a Muslim can be married to Ahl Kitab. 2 weeks latter I decided to read the Quran, and I felt the answers to all my questions was now answered! We decided to move to a Islamic Muslim community in Palestine where we reside today, and I feel VERY happy with a meaningful life of TRUTH.

 Qamar al Khattab  

August 20, 2002 | Jumada Al-Thani 12, 1423

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