One in Five Israeli Women Is Battered By A Relative Or A Husband
Al Ssennnara
on Feb. 24, 1998,

Violence Begets Violence in Israel Households

Nazareth The latest information from Local Authorities related the phenomenon of violence against women [in the Israeli society] reveals that one in five women in the country are exposed to violence by a husband or a family member. This information is different from the previous figures which stated that only 150,000 women are battered or exposed to beating in the country [Israel.]

Shmuel Avoav from the Education Committee of the [Israeli] Local Authorities who revealed this information said that thousands of women and girls in the country who are physically abused by husbands or relatives do not press complaints because of fear from husbands /relatives or because of care for the welfare of their children/ family, or for other reasons.

Avoav invoked battered women and woman victims of domestic violence to submit complaints against their abusers because the complaint will be a deterrence in many cases......


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