Israel for all

Eighth Chapter:

"Do you Israelites think you are more important to me than the Ethiopians ?" asks the LORD. "I brought you out of Egypt, but have I not done as much for other nations, too? I brought the Philistines from Crete and led the Arameans out of Kir" Amos 9:7

1. Jews and Arabs genetic brothers ?

2. United States of Semites

3. The Origins of Jerusalem

4. Jews for Allah petition page

5. Difference between Judaism and Zionism

6. Zionism and the holocaust 

7. The Conditional Promised land

8. Similarities between Nazism and Zionism

9. Israel ; "Muslims better to Jews than Christians"

10. Why I left Zionism

11. Did Jewish Muslims rebuild the Temple Mount ?

12. I am your brother Adam

13. Apartheid laws in Israel 14. Similar sayings between Israeli and South African leaders

15. Laws of Moses Broken by occupying Palestine

16. Does God Kill Israelis ?

17. Destined to be Exiled ?

18.   Blood of Jesus, Promised Land, and accountability


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